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Wednesday, December 27

WAMU : Public Interest With Kojo Nnamdi interviews Hernando de Soto, the "inventor" of the informal (underground) economy. I nearly choked when Hernando said that Peru was a "former Communist country." Since Hernando is once again a hot commodity because of his book The Magic of Capitalism: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else, I am going to throw out some additional links that will be added to Peruvian Graffiti Politics page. The Spanish edition of his book has been published in Lima and sold out within a week. See Caretas. He had an interview in Reason Online and a recent conference, The Missing Ingredient. A more critical view of Hernando's ideas can be found in Fine Words, Flawed Ideas by Madeleine Bunting. His center, Institute of Freedom and Democracy (ILD), is online.

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