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Sunday, December 10

Old Latin American hand Mick Andersen, a friend from my days at the Peruvian Times in Lima, has just brought out a second edition of Dossier Secreto, El Mito de la "Guerra Sucia" in Editorial Sudamericana in Buenos Aires. Mick has updated the book, originally published as Dossier Secreto : Argentina's Desaparecidos and the Myth of the 'Dirty War' in 1979 and currently out of print in English, and reveals his primary source of information, former FBI agent Robert Scherrer, for all the scoop on the betrayal within the Montoneros and the Argentinian army's inside track on the guerrillas's plans. You can get it at the editorial website, or in the United States and Canada by e-mailing Libreria del Lobo.

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