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Thursday, December 7

The floodgates are opening on the hidden stories of the past decade in Peru. The Washington Post published 'Superman' Meets Shining Path: Story of a CIA Success about the CIA's involvement in Abimael's capture in 1992. It also reveals the counterproductive role of Montesinos in the search for the Sendero leader. This is a delicious story because it taps U.S. State Department and CIA sources, as well as Peruvian police involved in the capture.The real surprise for me was Benedicto Jimenez, the DINCOTE operative who headed up the special team. Police Gen. Antonio Ketin Vidal, now Interior Minister and a national hero, was actually a late addition to the team.

On the economic front, Peru starts to pay the piper for Fujimori's public spending spree that was meant to influence the electorate so he could win the presidency for a third time and the collapse of investment during the political backlash. Peru aims to cut spending

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