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Thursday, November 30

We got lots of info on earthquakes in the Andes. Full title is "Seismological and Tectonic Deformation Studies in the Central Andes and Seismic Hazard Evaluation in the Peru-Chile Border Region." CERESIS is the South American earthquake organization.

Fujimori has been giving interviews to tell the world that his escape to Japan was all part of a carefully laid plan: "I am pursuing a strategy. It may take some time. It may bring more criticism. I don't mind," he said in the Washington Post. Capulin Colorado! "No contaban con mi astucia!" In the New York Times, he was more subdued.

Hubert Lanssiers is an example of the memorable individuals drawn to Peru. They are quixotic figures who take on tasks that normal mortals would run away from. Lanssiers's work for prisoner rights, the release of innocents falsely convicted of crimes, and other travesties of justice stretch back more than 25 years.

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