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This section pays tribute to those web developers that provided the images and computer tools that allowed me to put this site together. As time goes on, this section will expand as we discover more sources of "rip-offs" and inspiration.

Tipping My Hat

The map of South America on the Life Story page, as well as other Peru related graphics, comes from PromPeru. It has a large stock of photographs, maps and graphics that might be helpful for others wishing to work on Peru. TAFOS gave me permission to work with their black and white photographs. The black and white photo of me used in the masthead and in Life Tale was taken by Alicia Benavides, a dear friend who helped me out a lot when I was a correspondent. She also took some favorite photos of my children.

AListApart banner I have learned a lot from Jeffrey Zeldman and his galaxy of websites. AListApart is an insightful look at web development and the whole culture of the Internet. Check out his weblog to follow his explorations. If you want a cool collection of buttons, check out Steal These Graphics. Explore; he runs with an impressive crowd.

See my views on all things related to computer and Internet by checking out the Net section.

Plugging My Favorites

[  HomeSite 4.5 logo  ] I have used HomeSite as my main editor since version 2. I found it suited to my needs and a good value. It has since been purchased by Allaire, of Cold Fusion fame, and has grown in features and demands on system resources. It may be overkill for many users.

HTML Validator CSE HTMl Validator is a tool that I use several times a day. I keeps me honest and also teaches me about HTML. It also serves as a quick editor and link checker. It also integrates well with many editors, like HomeSite.

HTML Kit buttonHTMLKit is a freeware product that packs a lot of power and versatility. Its interface can be quirky, but is great for quick work. I am starting to use it more and more, especially on this site. It also incorporates HTMLTidy, which is a huge aid in cleaning up code and checking for web standards compliance.

TopStyle logo The creator of HomeSite, Nick Bradbury, has returned to the shareware arena and produced a great cascading style sheet editor called TopStyle. The program removes a lot of the drudgery of working with CSS and gives tremendous power. If you don't want to shell out the cash, get the free Lite version.

PaintShop ProI have learned to appreciate PaintShop Pro. It is easy to use and inexpensive. Since it is a "child of the Web;" there is a surprising amount of help for it on the Internet. It certainly is a viable alternative to Adobe PhotoShop and getting better all the time. It has a generous upgrade policy.

[ ACD logo ]For keeping track of all my graphics and knick-knacks, I depend on ACDSee. You will notice that it also appeared in the 4DOS/Take Command page in which I explain how it uses the 4DOS descriptions to add information about each file.

CuteFTP Pro I could not get by without CuteFTP, a cloying name but a great way to move files onto a web server. I've used it for five years.

Desktop Tools

Working with a computer is a personal experience, an extension of the mind. Below you will find some of my preferred tools.

Red Pin 4DOS and Take Command:
Sometimes it's quicker to do things the old fashioned way. JP Software produces flexible products that fill a gap in the GUI (graphic user interface).
Red Pin WOPR — Woody's Office Power Pack:
The joy of making Word for Windows more productive than Microsoft ever dreamed of.
I like to use Textpad as my text editor and as a pad to jot down notes and paste links. I use MS FrontPage because I have to for my job and my clients. I like playing around with Amaya.